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Our Story

Towards the environment, enabling sustainable farming and towards all those who wish to endorse the green way of life. The concept is not only highly relevant to our times but is an Opportunity to do our bit for tomorrow. Experience enriching living by cultivating farm lands with your chosen Plantations and relishing your life to the fullest in the thoughtfully Constructed villas.

Living in an age and time when we are deprived of lush green surroundings, here’s our chance to leave a legacy for the Future and ensure that green remains Evergreen. Green fusion encapsulates the essence of green living at its very best. Verdant vistas, sparkling streams, mystical Meadows amidst tantalizing tranquility - take life, living and lifestyle to an all new level. The Pristine foothills of Western Ghats beckon you to make your Home and make room for Mother Nature. With 50 Cents of exotic expanse at your feet, your investment in the property does not just make sound financial sense, but also gives you an invaluable Opportunity to leave being a priceless inheritance in the form of a green Land bank.


Civilization began with Agriculture. Reinvent your ancestral root (farming) by becoming a proud member of the club.


Builds healthy soil-foundation of food chain Works in harmony with nature Preserves our water resources Food tastes great


To promote eco-friendly, lucrative, minimalistic farming combined with recreate retreats and to endorse the green way of life

  • Need 20 cents including a cottage
  • Managed by family members and their friends
  • Grow mainly vegetables / Kitchen garden for families need

Owners will become members of society

Basic training on kitchen garden farming Maintenance arrangements on request

Support from experienced farmers Common livestock farm (Chicken & Fish)

Weekend farm Markets / Cooking classes

  • Healthy eating
  • Health through physical work
  • Removes stress
  • Gain energy from Natural Environment
  • Initial respect to farming in Children
  • Build a like minded community
  • Overall affordable family wellness weekends
  • Personal happiness and sense of fulfillment